We believe that homeownership makes lives better.

That’s why our dedicated team is passionate about helping you find the right loan to finance the purchase of your dream home.

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We offer a variety of manufactured and mobile home finance programs for those with perfect credit, less than perfect credit and first-time homebuyers*. Most importantly, our team will be here with you every step of the way. You’ll Feel Right at Home with Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.

*All loans are subject to credit approval

Here’s a 3 step look at how it all works.

To apply for a loan to finance the purchase of your dream home, fill out our easy online application, and we’ll connect you with a licensed loan specialist.

A licensed loan specialist will review your application and contact you to obtain more information in order to provide you with a loan decision.

We will walk you through the process of collecting any documentation we may need from you in order to process your loan application as well as explain the credit requirements that apply for your selected loan program.

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Looking to Buy a Pre-owned Home?

We also offer Direct Lending loans for owner-to-owner transactions and financing for select pre-owned homes purchased from VMF Homes.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Trying to plan what your payment may look like? Are you renting and want to compare your current rent to an estimated mortgage? We want to give you the tools to plan ahead by providing our Monthly Payment Calculator.

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  • Your loan documents show the required payment amount as well as the scheduled payment due date. The payment schedule assumes you will pay the required amount due on every due date throughout the term of the loan. When a payment is received, it will be applied first to any interest that has accrued on the unpaid Principal Balance, then to Escrow and/or Advances, Service Fees (if applicable) and then to the actual Principal Balance. If payment in full is received on every scheduled due date throughout the term of the loan, the final payment of principal and interest due at maturity will be the same as what is listed as the final payment on the loan documents.

  • The term “simple interest” means that interest is charged only on the principal amount that remains owing on a loan.

  • You may obtain a payoff quote immediately by logging in to your online account or by creating an online account on our website. You may also call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-970-7250, fax your request to 1-865-380-3418, or submit a request by email or mail. If mailing, please sent your request for a quote to the address below.

    Regular & Overnight Mail:
    Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.
    1010 West Mockingbird Lane
    Dallas, TX 75247

  • Generally, there is not for loans that were originated by Vanderbilt. Check your loan documents to see if a prepayment penalty is referenced. If a prepayment penalty is not indicated in the loan documents, then no early pay off penalty will be due. There may be a fee included in the payoff quote. Where legally allowed and by state specific requirements, Vanderbilt charges a fee paid to the state recording offices to remove Vanderbilt’s lien from the account. This is the only fee involved in paying off your loan.

Dreaming of Homeownership?