How to Apply for a Home Loan

Are you ready to apply for your new home loan but aren’t sure where to start or what you need? We are here to help! Check out this step-by-step guide of the home loan application process.

You’re ready for homeownership, and no doubt, you have likely spent countless hours searching for the perfect home! Now that you have fallen in love with a home you’ve been dreaming of, you’re ready to apply for financing. This is a big and exciting moment, and we will be with you during every step of the process.

Wondering how to apply? No worries! Here is a breakdown of the steps to apply for a home loan.

Completing an Online Application from Home

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One way to go paperless is to apply from the comfort of your own computer or device. It’s easy! To get started, you simply:

  • Begin your application process by applying online through our website.
  • You will need a current email address to be able to submit an online application.
  • Once completed, submit your application.
  • Sign your application electronically. You will be prompted and navigated through this step in the application process.

As you are going through these steps, if you have questions along the way, we are always happy to help! Just give Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance a call at 1-866-701-0467 during normal business hours. We are here to give support in any way we can.

Completing Your Application at the Home Center

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If you are filling out your application at a home center, you will be given a document called a Retail Choice of Lender form, which lists some lenders who provide manufactured home financing. We are proud to be an affiliate lender with the Clayton Family of Brands. If you check Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance on the Retail Choice of Lender form, the home center will send your loan application to us for consideration.

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The content of your application packet varies by state, but the main document will be the actual loan application asking for your personal information — such as your Social Security number, birthday, address and current employment or gross monthly income received. This, and other information on the application, is needed to make a loan decision.

Information to Have on Hand

It’s always nice to be prepared before you get started. So here are a few things you, and any person applying with you, will need to have ready to complete your application.

  • Social Security numbers
  • The amount of your gross monthly income — the total amount of money you earn each month before any taxes are deducted
  • Current contact information — such as your street address, email address and phone number

Another helpful tip is to have names and phone numbers of current and previous employers and your addresses where you have lived for the last two years. Having that information on hand can save you time when applying.

Paper and Online Applications

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Whether you have submitted your loan application online or filled out a paper application at a retail home center, you are probably wondering, “What happens next?” Once your application has been received, we will review it to make sure no information is missing. If we are missing any information, you may receive a call from a representative to help complete your application. Once complete, you should expect a call or email from a licensed loan specialist within 3 business days. All loans are subject to credit approval.

Now that you know two ways to apply, you can choose the application method that would work best for you! We are here to help you every step of the way and look forward to being on this journey to homeownership with you!

Start your journey home today! Apply Now.

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