Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in or change automatic payment information?

Please use one of the following options to enroll or change your bank account information for a recurring ACH monthly drafts (automatic payments).

Option 1. Login or create an online account to access your Vanderbilt loan information. You can enroll, change or remove your bank information for a recurring ACH draft payment from the "Loan Summary" page.

Option 2. Fax a copy of your blank “voided” check and the Auto Draft Letter or Auto Draft Letter (North Carolina) authorizing Vanderbilt Mortgage to draft from your bank account. Fax this information to Attn: Customer Service to 865-380-3418. Please allow 7 business days for this draft information to take effect and note that if your payment is due before the request is completed, you will need to make alternate arrangements to make sure your payment for the month is received on time. You can confirm that the draft has been set up by contacting Vanderbilt Mortgage by phone or reviewing your account information online.

Option 3. Mail a blank “voided” check and an Auto Draft Letter or Auto Draft Letter (North Carolina) to:

Attn: Customer Service
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.
PO Box 9800
Maryville, TN 37802

Please allow 7 business days prior to your payment draft date for this information to take effect.

Drafting from a Savings Account. If you wish to set up a recurring ACH draft from your savings account, please verify the routing number with your credit union or bank before setting up the recurring automatic payment with Vanderbilt Mortgage.

Third Party Drafting. If the bank account from which the recurring ACH draft will be made belongs to anyone other than the parties who signed the loan contract documents, we need written authorization from the customer on the loan documents and the bank account holder.

Important notes regarding your recurring ACH Draft Payment:

  • If your payment draft date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a federal bank Holiday then payment will be drafted from your account on the previous business day. For instance, if your draft date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or there is a Holiday on a Monday, your account will draft the preceding Friday.
  • You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail from us within 14 days when your recurring ACH draft request payment has been processed.

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