7 Home Decorating Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you want to refresh your current home, we share tips on how to decorate while on a budget.

It’s no secret that buying a new home costs money — and after expenses including closing costs and paying the movers, you have a nice, big empty house but a minimal budget to decorate it. Naturally, you’ll want to decorate every room in your new house right away. Or maybe you already own a home that’s in need of a refresh, but you don’t have the funds right now. You can still transform your house into a place that truly feels like home even on a small budget. Below, we share seven simple home decorating tips that are wallet friendly.

1. Know Where to Shop

High end furniture stores aren’t the only place you can find beautiful furniture. You can score amazing pieces by keeping an eye out online. Check your area’s online groups where community members give away or swap items they don’t want anymore, including home decor. As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Note: Be careful when meeting strangers you communicate with online. Always communicate directly through the app (don't give away your phone number), and go with a friend and meet in a public place.

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2. Paint the Cabinets Yourself

If you want to change the look of your kitchen, painting the cabinets can completely refresh the look of the whole room. Nowadays, you can find online video tutorials on just about any home project, and painting cabinets is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly projects you can DIY. It can be time consuming, but it may save you hundreds of dollars if you choose to do it yourself instead of hiring a professional.

3. Reupholster Old Furniture

Painting kitchen cabinets isn’t the only easy DIY project. Reupholstering is also a DIY project that can completely change the look of old furniture. Next time your parents or grandparents are about to get rid of their furniture, see if you can refresh it with new upholstery. You can find many video tutorials online, and all you need is a few yards of fabric, a staple gun and a few basic skills.

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4. Look to Your Yard for Seasonal Decor

Your favorite room in your home can look completely renewed with fresh clippings from your garden. Cut a few flowers from your garden and place them in vases around your home. It’s easy, simple and will add color to your space instantly.


5. Save a Little Money Every Week

The most important thing to remember when decorating a new home is that it takes time. To make your new house feel more welcoming and a place you can truly call home, collect furniture and decor you love over time rather than quickly buying a matching furniture set from a store. If you collect on a timely basis, you can budget much easier, too. Communicate with everyone in your household about what percentage of your household income you want to save each week or month, and set that money aside. When you find furniture or decor you want for your home, only spend from the money you’ve set aside.

6. Go Thrifting for Artwork

Adding some color to the walls will instantly transform your home from bare and stale to inviting. Local thrift shops surprisingly have a large selection of artwork. Not only does shopping for artwork at the thrift store save you money, but the artwork will also be more original than if you bought something from a big box store.

7. Try Rearranging Your Furniture

Moving your furniture to different rooms in your home or rearranging the layout will make it feel like a completely new space. Try moving that armchair that was in your living room into your primary bedroom suite to create a reading nook. Or use an old buffet table as a desk to create a home office space. The possibilities are endless, and you won’t have to spend any extra money to make your home feel new.

For more tips on being a homeowner, check out our blog under Vanderbilt’s resources section.

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