How to Best Care for Your Windows

Taking care of your windows will save you money in the long run – whether it’s on heating and air, preventing pests or water damage or simply not needing to replace windows for a long while.

Windows leave an important first impression of a home. We see the outside world from our windows and into the heart of our home through them. Windows also play a role in the energy efficiency of your home. Here are a few ideas to keep your windows looking good and sealing properly.

How about shutters?

Adding shutters to frame your windows can add dimension and flair. If you don’t want to spend the money, you might research how to make your own with painted pallet pieces. Installing shutters incorrectly though could damage your siding. Be sure to consult your homeowner’s manual and hire a professional installer rather than hanging shutters yourself. Make those windows stand out!

Weather stripping & caulk.

Intended to provide a tight seal, you can apply weather stripping and caulk to your windows, usually on the interior. Both of these items are relatively inexpensive to do and may increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Dusting Window Blinds 01

Clean your blinds.

This may sound silly and easy, but this is a big help to improve your space. Blinds can get so dirty and need a good wipe down, strip by strip. It freshens up your space and it’s amazing how much light you didn’t know could come in after those blinds are clean. Plus, removing dust will help everyone breathe a little easier. We hope that this helps you spend a little time on the maintenance of your windows.

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