The Pros and Cons of Buying a Home in Summer

Thinking about buying a home in the summer? We’re weighing the pros and cons of starting your homeownership journey during this time of year.

Ah, summer. The weather is nice, school is out and the time for cookouts and popsicles is here. But the season can also be a great time to buy a new home. If your new home search is warming up like the temperatures, check out this list of the sunny and not-so-sunny sides of purchasing a home in the summer.

Daylight Hours

Pro: More Time for Tours

The days are longer in the summer, so you have more sunlight and can look at homes longer. This is especially helpful when you want to tour homes on the weekends and after work because it gives you more flexibility.

Con: Busy Schedule

On the other hand, lots of individuals and families are busy this time of year. It can be difficult to fit in searching for a home between vacations and activities like T-ball practice, summer camps, pool parties and backyard cookouts.

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Being Outside

Pro: See the Full Picture

Yards and gardens are in full bloom at this time. The sunny skies and greenery make it easier to really picture what it would be like walk up to the door of your new home. You also will get to see the neighborhood in full swing and check out amenities like a pool or playground.

Con: The Heat

It’s hot outside, so that could make you less inclined to look in and around the home for as long. If you are seeing several homes in a day, make sure to stay hydrated. Also, if you need to store items in storage, you will have to consider the effect the heat may have on your personal belongings.

School’s Out

Pro: Time to Settle In

A big reason families like to move in the summer is because their children are out for break. It’s nice to get unpacked and settled before the new school semester begins and, with it, a new routine.

Con: Short Timeline

You may feel pressure to buy a home before the kids go back to classes, especially if you are relocating to a new school district. This can make the process feel more stressful or like you should pick a home more quickly.

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Pro: Easy to Move

With the nicer weather, it is easier to move. You don’t normally have to work around inclement conditions like snow and heavy rainfall.

Con: More People Moving

However, because of more convenient weather conditions, demand may be higher. You may have to compete with others when you’re scheduling movers at the time you want, and this could cause the fees and prices of moving companies to rise.

There are benefits and disadvantages to finding a home in any season, and it’s important to consider what works best for you when you’re thinking about starting your home search and your timeline for moving. One way to help you on your journey, no matter what time of year, is to understand the mortgage process before you get started. Learn more with our breakdown of the steps of a home loan, from looking at your budget to closing.

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