Welcome to Even Better Security: Multi-factor Authentication Powered by MyHome

We’ve been preparing you for an account security upgrade by enabling Multi-factor Authentication and it’s here! Your account is now powered by MyHome and it will enhance your digital experience by giving you more control and options. In this article, we’ll explain the upgrade and how it impacts your account, plus prepare you on what to expect.

Your Security Upgrade

Your upgrade is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): a digital security measure that protects your account with a 2-step verification process when you log in. You likely have other accounts that already have this measure in place, so you may have used it without even realizing it.

We’re integrating this change to increase the security of your account. Essentially, Multi-factor Authentication requires you to add an extra layer (beyond your username and password) of authentication to your log in process to ensure it’s really you logging into your account.

As an existing or new account user, you will be prompted to provide your phone number as a second way to verify your log in. For our customer portal accounts, you will be required to use your phone to receive a 6-digit code. You can receive the code one of two ways:

  • a text message; or
  • a voice call

If you don’t have a cell phone, no worries! You’ll use the voice call option as the way to verify your account log in through a land line. After you confirm your log in attempt by inputting the 6-digit code you received on the portal – you’ll gain access to your account.

That’s how we protect you through MFA and ensure your financial info is locked tight.

Enrolling In MFA with your existing account

Check out the prompts below to learn how to set up Multi-factor Authentication for your existing account:

Step 1:
MyHome Sign Up - Steps

Step 2:
MyHome Security Info - Steps

Step 3:
MyHome Verify Identity - Steps


Don’t have an account? Check out the process for setting up a new account with MFA.
– (Download Create Express Customer Portal Account & Configure MFA below.)

Forgot your password? We’ll walk you through it here!
– (Download How to Reset Your Express Customer Portal Account Password below.)

If you have further questions, check out our FAQs below.


Can I use my current Username and Password?
• Yes, your existing Username and Password will still work with the new login process.

Why do the screens look different?
• The log-in screens have been updated to enable the increased security steps as well as to provide more options.

Why do you need my phone number?
• While configuring multi-factor authentication on your first visit, a phone number is required so you may receive the 6-digit code needed to complete your security set-up.

I only have a land line, what do I do?
• You can provide your number and then be sure to select voice call. You’ll receive your 6-digit code through an automated call.

How does Multi-factor Authentication work?
• After signing in with your Username/Email Address, you will be asked to supply a phone number. Then you’ll choose to receive a security code through a text message or a voice call. The 6-digit code will be sent through either path you chose. Then you’ll put this code into the verification field and your authentication is complete! You only need to select the voice or text option the first time.

Can I change my Multi-factor Authentication method?
• You may change your multi-factor authentication method after your first sign in. On the Verify Your Identity screen there is an option to Try another method.

We hope that this article provides answers for you as you register to enable MFA. We know this improvement will better safeguard your information and give you a better experience overall.

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