Building Relationships: What are Welcome Calls?

Vanderbilt Mortgage and customer service go hand in hand. Welcome Calls are just the beginning to our relationship with our customers after a loan closes.

Your loan just funded with Vanderbilt Mortgage. So, what happens now? The answer – support! Vanderbilt Mortgage strives to ensure we are there for our customers every step of the way, even after a loan closes.

Vanderbilt’s Call Center focuses on fielding all our customers’ calls and questions, but they also reach out to new customers after a loan closes. These Vanderbilt-guided calls review loan information and prepare our customers for what they can expect from Vanderbilt Mortgage now that they have a loan with us. We like to call these calls Welcome Calls.

What Does a Welcome Call Look Like?

Taking out a loan can leave a lot of unknown questions, and here at Vanderbilt we like to take the guesswork out of what’s to come. When our customers receive a Welcome Call, some of the items they can expect us to inform them on are:

  • When their first payment is due
  • When statements are sent out
  • Options for making payments
  • Review of the terms for the loan (i.e., interest rate, principal payment, escrow, length of loan)
  • Confirming personal information
  • And more

The goal of this call is to prepare the customer for the next steps of managing the loan. This call opens the door for any questions a new customer may have at the start of their loan. It also informs them of our hours and the best number to contact us in case they need help in the future. And because Vanderbilt doesn’t sell any of our loans, unless a customer decides to refinance, they will have our support every step of the way for the life of the loan!

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How else does Vanderbilt Mortgage Support their Customers?

Even after this call, Vanderbilt Mortgage is here when you need us. From general questions about your monthly statement or how to set up your portal login to document requests and the process after your loan is paid off, Vanderbilt Mortgage wants to be a helpful resource to you! You can contact us over the phone, through email or by mail.

We also value your safety and privacy! We will always verify that it is you we are talking to or someone you have given us permission to discuss loan details with before releasing any information.

But wait there’s more …

Vanderbilt Mortgage wants to help you with more than just managing your loan. We offer tools that will help you succeed with financial needs as well homeownership and budgeting. This includes:

  • Payment calculators: These calculators help show you how to pay off your loan early, how your payments will break down over the life of the loan (amortization calculator), what happens if you mayke extra payments, or the which home price makes a comfortable payment for you!
  • Tips and Tools: We offer the Home Loan Guide to help educate our first-time home buyers, as well as other articles geared towards homeownership, home buying, and budgeting.

And the best part is this information is available on our website! So even if you are just in the beginning stages of the homeownership process, you can still access this helpful information.

Remember, when you finance with Vanderbilt Mortgage, you don’t just fulfill your dreams of homeownership, you also acquire a support team that will be with you through the end of your loan.

Have more questions for us? Check out our FAQs or contact us with your questions.

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