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Direct Lending is a financing program within Vanderbilt Mortgage. Direct works with pre-owned, manufactured homes owned and sold by individuals.

If you’re looking to finance the purchase of a manufactured or modular home without a retailer, we may be a good choice for you!

Direct Lending is a unique financing option within Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. Vanderbilt specializes in financing the purchase of new and pre-owned manufactured and modular homes. You can learn more about Vanderbilt here.

While on Vanderbilt’s website, under the ‘Mortgages and Loans’ tab, you’ll see Direct Lending – that’s us. We are your individual-to-individual loan program. Your mortgage will still be through Vanderbilt, and you’ll fill out the same application, with just a few variations. Check out more below on how we can potentially finance your home purchase.

What we finance:

  • Manufactured/mobile and modular homes
  • Land and homes or the home only sold by individuals (Real Estate Agents are permitted if home is titled to the individual owner/seller.)
  • 4 loan programs: pre-owned (no land), pre-owned land and home purchase or pay off, pre-owned land in lieu, pre-owned bi-weekly

What we don’t finance:

  • Homes owned by dealerships, communities or any business
  • Homes owned by banks

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Loan programs explained:

  • Pre-Owned (No Land): Ideal for home only purchases, and could possibly be a home in a community or on rented/ leased land that is owned by an individual homeowner.
  • Pre-Owned Land Home and Land Purchase or Payoff: This could be land bought with the home, land bought separately or land that you currently own and would like for us to pay off as part of the loan.
  • Pre-Owned Land in Lieu: Land you own free and clear and want to use as your down payment.
  • Pre-Owned Bi-Weekly: A payment program where half of the mortgage payment is made every other week and is contingent on meeting qualifications.
  • Interested in applying with us? Have more questions about the loan programs? Give us a call at (866) 491-0189!

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