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Biweekly Advantage

A Biweekly Advantage Mortgage has the convenience of automatic payments every two weeks. Rather than paying a full monthly payment once a month, you’ll make a ½ payment every two weeks. The advantage is that more payments are made each calendar year, allowing the potential for you to own your home free and clear sooner.


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  • To change your bank account information for your automatic biweekly draft, please complete one of the following options:
    Option 1. Login or create an online account to access your Vanderbilt loan information.
    Option 2. Fax a copy of your blank “voided” check and the Biweekly Draft Change Authorization form authorizing Vanderbilt Mortgage to draft automatically from your bank account every 14 days.
    Option 3. Mail a blank "voided" check and a Biweekly Draft Change Authorization form

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  • A Military Allotment is a service offered by the military to pay bills for its military members. Please note this is not a draft. Military Allotments are set up by a military service member through their Payroll Office. To be set up on a Blanket Disbursement, please call our customer service department and obtain the necessary information needed to use the Military Allotment.

  • To be removed from your automatic biweekly draft, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-970-7250.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Trying to plan what your payment may look like? Are you renting and want to compare your current rent to an estimated mortgage? We want to give you the tools to plan ahead by providing our Monthly Payment Calculator.

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